Maintenance Tips

Scheduled Oil Changes Extend Engine Life

Remington Auto Repair for your next oil change

An oil and filter change is one of the most critical, yet least expensive maintenance tasks that can be performed on your car.

Oil protects your engine against wear by lubricating its parts as they move. But over time, the oil breaks down, its additives lose the ability to perform important functions such as neutralizing acids, and the oil becomes dirty as contaminants build up. Old oil loses the honey-like transparency that it had when it was new, growing dark with sooty deposits. The filter becomes saturated with these deposits, reducing efficiency. Regularly changing the oil and filter is vital to your engine's life.

Skipping oil changes is one of most common causes of engine wear, and can significantly reduce the life of an engine — in some cases by tens of thousands of miles.

Based on vehicle owner's manuals, the recommended frequency of oil changes on modern cars ranges from every 3000 to 10,000 miles. These recommendations are based on moderate driving conditions. However, it is also important to consider factors that may cause oil to break down faster, such as frequent stops and starts, extended idling, hauling large loads, and extreme variations in weather — all of which are common in suburban and city driving.


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